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We serve all types of cars – hatchback, sedan, MPV, SUV, luxury cars and many more!

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We are a reliable, affordable and efficient car rental provider in Penang, Malaysia.

Looking for a car to rent? Having difficulty finding transportation to go around Penang? Do you need a car for your business trip or for your holiday escapade? Need a car just to bring yourself around, or are you travelling with friends and family which requires cars with ample seats? Or do you need a car with a lot of luggage space for your shopping needs?

Why must you rent a car in Penang with us?

We take pride in providing the best car rental services in Penang, and you can be assured of our quality of service to our customers. We have a wide range of types of car ranging from compact / hatchbacks, sedans, multipurpose vehicles (MPV), sport utility vehicles (SUV) and even coaches and buses. Our friendly staff is readily available at your service for any bookings or enquiries. You can be assured of fast and friendly service by our trained employees.

Benefits of our Penang Car Rental Services

You can be assured of the following benefits, perks and advantages that we can offer in providing the best car rental service in Penang.

New car which is less than 5 years old

You can be assured of having cars that are of the best quality and condition to ensure maximum safety, reliability and comfort while driving. Rest assured that we take care of your best interests and your safety and comfort is of prime importance.

A full tank of fuel

Have you ever had the frustration of renting a car only to find out that the petrol tank is almost empty? Here at our car rental service in Penang you can be assured that you will receive your rental car with a full tank of fuel, guaranteed! No more hassle and frustration!

Free delivery to Penang Airport and Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal

If you arrive to Penang by plane or by bus and should you opt to partake our car rental services in Penang, we will bring your car to the airport or the bus terminal free of charge! It’s our way of offering the best services to our customers.

Payments are accepted in cash or credit card

We accept all forms of payment either in cash or by using credit / debit card when you wish to pay for you car rental services in Penang. No fuss, no hassle.

Deliver your car in good and clean condition

Rest assured that your rental car will be thoroughly cleaned and will be in pristine condition even before you reach for the car keys.

RM50 rebate on your next car rental

We offer all our customers a RM50 coupon voucher which you can redeem on your next car rental in Penang.

Get your Car Rental In Penang Now!

Have you had the problem of finding a decent car rental service in Penang? How can you be sure that you are able to rent a car in Penang with the best affordable rates and in return getting yourself a rental car that is safe, comfortable, easy to drive and suit to your needs? Look no further as we will provide the best services in our car rental service in Penang.

Types of Cars Available for Rental

Hatchback / Compact

For those who favor practicality and affordability, or if you just need a car just to get you going, this will be an excellent choice. Low mileage, high maneuverability and ease of driving make this the popular choice for the budget conscious or the practical minded.


For those who want a touch of flair and a bit of comfort, or for those who are renting a car in Penang for business trips, or simply if you need some luggage space, renting a sedan-type car will be the best choice as it balances practicality and comfort.

Sport Utility Vehicle (SUVs)

Suitable for sporty young people or for people who are young at heart, with a need for comfort while driving, in addition to providing ample space for multiple passengers or if you need to bring a lot of luggage. This will be the car for you if you are of this type and you simply enjoy driving.

Multi-purpose Vehicle (MPVs)

For people who wish to bring lots of friends or if you are touring Penang with your family, MPVs are the go-to car for these kinds of trips. It is the perfect choice if driving comfort and the comfort of your passengers are of top priority. The rental rates are higher but this is offset by the driving pleasure, the feel of luxury and the extra amount of space provided.

Other Services Offered By Car Rental Penang

Leasing Package

If you are looking for long term services from Car Rental Penang, we offer leasing packages for corporate customers as well as expatriates in Malaysia. We offer leasing packages which start from 1 to 3 years. Customers can be assured of the latest car models available. Look into our leasing packages and save on taxes, repair or service costs, and much more.

Van Rental

If you wish to bring a large group of people, then you might want to consider Van Rental services. Are you planning for a school trip? Or an exciting expedition? Or you need a transport for a lot of people for your kenduri kahwin? Look no further as you can count on us to provide van rental services that suit your budget and requirements.

Wedding Cars

Need a car for that one special occasion? Come to us! At Car Rental Penang, not only do we offer a great selection of cars and vans for you to rent on its own or with our esteemed and recommended chauffeur service, we also offer means of transportation and cars for you to use on that special day… your wedding day! Choose from either classic cars or luxury cars, the choice is yours!


If you don’t feel like driving, don’t worry! We at Car Rental Penang offers affordable and reliable chauffeur services. All our chauffeurs are trained experts and efficient caretakers so you can be assured of excellent service and pleasant hospitality from our esteemed chauffeurs.

Renting Cars In Penang Is A Must!

Within a 30km distance, there are a lot of tourist attractions attraction situated in Penang covered from historical buildings, fascinating nature, local foods, eco-theme parks etc. can be accessed. Hence, the hassle in planning a trip or vacation getaway in Penang to explore, discover and indulge yourself can be minimized by travelling on your own leisure in your own rental car. Instead of using public transport, rental car offers an accessible tour with extra level of comfort. Thus in order to facilitate your travel, our company is ready to provide car rental services upon your arrival in Penang.

By renting a car, one can manage their budget for the whole trip. Here, we at Car Rental Penang offers a wide range types of cars from compact cars or hatchbacks, sedans, MPV, vans, luxury cars, SUV as well as Coach/Bus. Our reservation team will assist you to decide the most suitable car according to your needs and financial capability. Our friendly staff is at your service for any booking or enquiry. Fast response accompanied with warm greetings is ensured by our company. Rest assured that we will take your best interests in heart when choosing the most suitable car rental package for your travel needs. Start your car rental in Penang by calling or contacting us now!