Penang Chauffeur Service

Besides car rental services and van rental services, which we service in the state of Penang (including delivery to Penang Airport and major city locations such as Batu Ferringhi, Georgetown and Butterworth), we also offer other forms of services which cater to our customers.

One such service is our renowned chauffeur service. If you don’t feel like driving or if you are in need of a driver to take you around places, there’s no need to worry as Car Rental Penang offers reliable and affordable chauffeur services. Our chauffeurs will not only drive you to where you wish to go, but they will also take great care in ensuring you are comfortable and well-accommodated throughout your journey.

Why Choose Penang Chauffeur Service from Car Rental Penang

You will be rewarded with these benefits if you engage our Penang Chauffeur service, which includes:

Good Condition Car

You will be rest assured that your car will be in its utmost pristine condition during your chauffeur services.

Professional Driver

You can have peace of mind with our exclusively trained and experienced chauffeurs at your service.

Free Fuel

No need to fuel up! Your chauffeur will take care of your car’s petrol. No need to be conscious of your spending on petrol!

Free Mineral Water

Free mineral water for you and your company! Complements from us!

Free Toll

No need to pay toll charges as long as your chauffeur drives you around!

Affordable Penang Chauffeur Service With Car From Only RM450!

We provide several packages should you wish to partake in our Penang Chauffeur services. You can choose from the list of cars available below:

Perodua Alza 1.5 Auto (MPV)

7 Passengers
8 Hours: RM450
12 Hours: RM585

Toyota Vios 1.5 Auto (Sedan)

4 Passengers
8 Hours: RM450
12 Hours: RM585

Toyota Innova 2.0 Auto (MPV)

7 Passengers
8 Hours: RM550
12 Hours: RM715

Hyundai Starex Royale 2.5 Auto (MPV)

7 Passengers
8 Hours: RM750
12 Hours: RM975

Toyota Alphard 2.4 Auto (MPV)

7 Passengers
8 Hours: RM950
12 Hours: RM1,235

Toyota Vellfire 2.4 Auto (MPV)

7 Passengers
8 Hours: RM1,050
12 Hours: RM1,365

Toyota Hiace 2.5 Manual (VAN)

10 Passengers
8 Hours: RM600
12 Hours: RM780

Nissan Urvan 3.0 Manual (VAN)

15 Passengers
8 Hours: RM900
12 Hours: RM1,170

Mercedes-Benz S400h (Sedan)

4 Passengers
8 Hours: RM4,100
12 Hours: RM4,900


  • Any additional hours will charge 10% from service rate
  • Applicable within Penang area only

A Chauffeured Service Experience

On the surface, it seems like “chauffeur” is nothing more than a classy way to say “driver” – but that’s not exactly true. Sure, drivers and chauffeurs both get you where you need to go, but the difference between the two is more than a matter of vocabulary – it’s a matter of service.

1. Service Level

A driver exists to do one thing: drive you from point A to point B in one piece. Commuting doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Our chauffeurs aren’t just drivers, they are there to serve you.

As the chauffeur’s elegant title suggests, he’s more than the guy behind the wheel. He’s a consummate professional who is not only going to get you where you need to go safely, but also stylishly and luxuriously.

Unlike a driver, our chauffeurs is there to serve you, not cart you around like luggage – but he will carry your luggage, if you’d like. He’ll get the door for you. He’ll take the scenic route if you want to see the sights, or he’ll get you directly to your meeting with plenty of time to spare. Feel like grabbing a cup of coffee before heading to the airport? Our chauffeurs will take you to the best café in town, or he’ll pop over to a fast food joint, if you’d prefer. The choice is always yours.

2. Training

Our chauffeurs receive extensive training before they get behind the wheel, where they learn more than just the rules of the road – of course, they learn those, too. Safety is a top priority for our chauffeurs, who knows to drive defensively, not aggressively. Your safe ride should also be a pleasant ride.

3. Pride In Work

Our chauffeurs takes pride in what he does. His uniform is clean and crisp. He carries himself with subtle dignity. His vehicle is clean and stocked with all the amenities you’d like.

4. Trustworthy & Discrete

You can be rest assured that our chauffeurs are also trustworthy. Discrete. You’re an important person. You have a lot going on. Need to take a private phone call in the back of the car? That phone call stays private.

So when you’re choosing between a driver and a chauffeur, you need to ask yourself one thing: “Do I just want to get somewhere, or do I want to be treated to a safe and comfortable ride?”

Don’t hesitate to enquire about our Penang Chauffeur Services now!

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