Q1. Where Is New Emerald nearest location?

We only at Penang, Malaysia

Q2. Can I pickup at non-New Emerald location?

Yes you can pickup any location, you must inform nearest branch and maybe you must pay additional surcharge, depend on location.

Q3. Can I drive into Singapore and Thailand or neighboring countries?

All Merge cars are strictly prohibited from being driven into Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia

Q4. Can I return my rented car to a different location?

Yes, a repositioning fee will be levied for one-way rental. Detail of charges will be made available at the time of booking

Q5. How can I return the car after your business hours?

We have crew to collect the car when you want to return

Q6. Is there any surcharge when I return the car after your business hours?

Surcharge of RM15 will be levied for services rendered after business hours.

Q7. Can I extend my rental?

Extension of rental is to be communicated directly to the renting location you have picked up the vehicle to facilitate extension of insurance coverage.

Q8. Can you reserve a map when me pick up the car?

We not provide maps, But you can rent a GPS at RM10 per day and its subject to availability

Q9. If I Change my itinerary or cancel my travel. Can I cancel my paid booking and make another booking later?

Yes, you can make cancelation booking within 48 hours before arrival date and we will refund back 100% amount you paid, if you not sent any cancelation booking we will not refund money back to you.

Q10. I have forgotten my booking number. How do I know if the booking has gone through?

Please check your registered email. A copy of the booking confirmation have been sent to your email.

Q11. What is the licence requirements for renting a car?

Renters must have a valid national or International Driving Licence. Other nationals who hold a valid driving licence in English can drive in Malaysia for a maximum of 3 months. Probational licence holders will not be accepted.

Q12. What documentations do I have to present at the rental counter?

You will need to present your I/C or passport, a valid driving licence and a valid credit card. New Emerald Malaysia reserves the right to refuse its car rental services if these terms are not met.

Q13. Is there a problem if I let someone else drive the car without first listing them as an additional authorized driver?

Yes, If someone else drives the car without New Emerald Malaysia’s permission, you have violated the contract terms. This violation could complicate or even negate claims against your personal insurance and negatively impact any coverage you receive. If the police stop the unauthorized driver, that driver can be detained or even arrested because they don’t have any legal right to have possession of the car.

Q14. Are your cars insured?

All vehicles are insured with passenger liability protection, Collision Damage Waiver, Theft Protection and Third Party Liability

Q15. What type of fuel will my rented car take?

Your rental car will run on diesel or petrol. It depends which model you choose. Please check with our counter representative upon vehicle collection.

Q16. How much of deposit do I have to pay ?

A Security deposit of RM300 will be taken upon car collection and we prefer cash excluding the estimated charge of your intended rental.

Q17. Why do you require deposit from me?

Security deposit will be taken on cash as a deposit to cover miscellaneous charges such as fuel, damage to the rented vehicle upon return, summons etc

Q18. Can I bring durian in the car?

All items and goods discharging unpleasant odours are strictly forbidden from being carried in the vehicle (e.g. Durians, salted fish etc). The renter will be liable to reimburse New Emerald on demand for all costs of eliminating such odours, including the servicing of the whole air conditioner system and the loss of rental days to New Emerald

Q19. Can I smoke in the car?

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all New Emerald vehicles.

Q20. What should I do if my car breaks down?

Kindly call our 24 hour Road Assistance Service