LIMA Langkawi 2019 is back again!

The biennial event is happening again at The Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre (MIEC) and The Resorts World at the beautiful, pristine and majestic Langkawi Island / Pulau Langkawi.

In a first of its kind, the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition will be showcasing both military and civilian technologies, in line with its tagline “Defence and Commercial Connecting Intelligence”.

The 15th edition of The Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition will be held on 26th to 30th March 2019 (LIMA`19) marks a number of commemorative activities for industrial players and public’s edification. Focusing on the ASEAN market at beyond, LIMA`19 is solemnized on a national level for five consecutive days.

LIMA Langkawi 2019 has had a strong support by the Malaysian Government through the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Transport as well as Malaysian Armed Forces, Security and Enforcement agencies, industries and the trade associations.

Visitors To LIMA Langkawi 2019

LIMA Langkawi 2019 is putting an enormous venture on the exhibition that is high profile, new products and technologies giving an impact to the maritime and aerospace, commercial and civil applications as well as tourism industries in Langkawi.

The public will have the chance to explore this landscape at a greater level including indoor and outdoor exhibition, maritime demonstrations, aerobatic performances and static displays. The exhibition will be open to trade visitors only between 26th and 28th March 2018, whereas it will then be open to the public on 29th and 30th March 2019.

For first time visitors to the Island of Langkawi, this will be a perfect time to get to know this beautiful island. Langkawi Island is the most developed of all the 99 islands that make up the Langkawi archipelago on the Andaman Sea.

Its stunning beaches, abundant marine life, thriving mangroves and scenic landscape is matched by world-class infrastructure, modern amenities and exciting shopping opportunities. Hence, it comes as no surprise that this duty-free port has been attracting scores of local and international visitors to its shores for decades, to experience its amazing attractions.

Getting Around in Langkawi for LIMA Langkawi 2019

First timers to langkawi will have some choices as to the mode of transport while staying at pulau langkawi. It would be a waste not to go around and enjoy the sights and sounds of Langkawi, particularly during looks Langkawi 2019 where each and every tourist spot in Langkawi is geared for tourists.

The most obvious choice would be hitting a rental car. Rental cars in Langkawi are the most economical mode of transport in langkawi for to it’s very cheap rates. For experienced travelers to Langkawi, this will be the most viable option. However for foreigners as well as first timers to Langkawi, this would be a bit of a challenge.

First timers may not be familiar with Langkawi roads. And there is the added hassle to find for parking, filling up the car for petrol, and many more. As an exhibitor, you will certainly want for convenience, comfort and hassle free experience during LIMA Langkawi 2019, and all these little niggles will only frustrate you during your stay in Langkawi.

We at Car Rental Langkawi have a solution for you, exclusive for exhibitors for LIMA Langkawi 2019.

Book for Chauffeur Services at LIMA Langkawi 2019

Exclusive for LIMA Langkawi 2019 exhibitors, Car Rental Langkawi provides its customer with its exclusive chauffeur services. Starting from only RM450, you can have your own personalized and professional chauffeur inclusive with the rental car of your choice to drive you around in Langkawi.

No more hassle looking up the map or keying directions with a GPS and hope you don’t get lost. Your chauffeur is your personal guide during your stay in Langkawi.

In addition to personalized service, your chauffeur is more than just a driver. A driver is often a good choice when you need a reliable, quick, and safe transportation. Depending on the company, the driver may or may not wear a uniform. After dropping off the customer, the driver’s work is complete.

In comparison, a chauffeur is a highly trained and licensed professional who provides high-end service day and night. A chauffeur wears a professional uniform, drives luxury vehicles, and works according to a schedule or on an on-call basis.

A chauffeur completes extensive training, has years of experience driving luxury cars, provides assistance with loading and unloading luggage, and has an incredible knowledge of the city for answering passenger questions and making recommendations for local points of interest.

This is of particular importance especially during LIMA Langkawi 2019 where your chauffeur can act as ambassador and tour guide just for you.

Save The Hassles Of Travel By Engaging Our Chauffeur Services

Exclusive for Exhibitors for LIMA Langkawi 2019

You may not realize it, but there are several perks and benefits of engaging our chauffeur services. This will ultimately take away all your worries and concerns during your stay in Langkawi when travelling from a one location to another is concerned. Let’s look at some of the perks and benefits of engaging our chauffeur services, especially for exhibitors of LIMA Langkawi 2019.

Free Petrol – no need to worry about making pit stops to the petrol station and having to fork your money to pay for petrol… your chauffeur does it for you. As part of our chauffeur services, you will be granted peace of mind during your travel, no more hassle of remembering to fuel up. We will take care of it for you.

Free Mineral Water – be rewarded with a refreshing bottle of mineral water for you as well as your companions as well! Exclusive for exhibitors for LIMA Langkawi 2019. This is a small gesture from us in ensuring that we treat our guests around the world with the utmost respect. We hope that your stay in Langkawi, in particular for the LIMA Langkawi 2019, is a memorable one.

A Car In Good Condition – You will be rest assured that we take great care in maintaining our cars in pristine condition to ensure a comfortable and pleasant experience, especially during LIMA 2019 where first impressions are paramount. Safety and comfort is our top priority, and with handling customers from around the world, our priority is providing our customers with cars in its best condition.

Cost Effective – You’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how affordable professional chauffeur services can be. Book a taxi and you’ve got a ticking meter. They’re the only incentives a taxi driver needs to slow to a crawl and take the longest route possible. You’re never going to know for sure just how hard your ride will hit you in the hip pocket until you reach your destination.

Professional Service – Professional chauffeur services are streets ahead of the competition when it comes to ensuring only the very best drivers are behind the wheel of the very best cars. They must meet the highest of standards and demonstrate exceptional customer service skills. Renowned for their discretion and attention to detail, our drivers are the public face, and the heart, of Car Rental Langkawi.

Without them we would not be one of the most highly-regarded professional chauffeur services in Malaysia.

Your Time Is Precious – Book Your Chauffeur Service Now

Exclusive for Exhibitors for LIMA Langkawi 2019

If you’re busy, the time you spend in transit on the road is wasted time. Waiting for taxis, looking for a carpark or sitting in traffic kills productivity! At best, you can make a phone call or two, but the reality is that your full attention has to be on the road ahead. Depending on how your journey pans out, you’ll probably arrive at your destination frazzled and off your game.

Especially if you have a long day representing your company in exhibiting your services or products during LIMA Langkawi 2019. Not so with professional chauffeur services. When you’re using a driving service, you’ll suddenly find yourself with time you never knew you had. Get some work done or just relax or read a paper while someone else worries about the traffic.

Go over the agenda for your meeting, practice that speech, or take a look at some maps as you plan a holiday. Isn’t that a better use of your time? A professional chauffeur service affords you the space, comfort, and peace and quiet to give your full attention to the things that are a priority for you.

You’ll have no traffic tangles to consider, and no obligation to make small talk with the driver.

Save The Hassle of Driving! Book Your Chauffeur Service Now For LIMA Langkawi 2019!

From only RM450 / day, you can be rest assured that our chauffeurs provide you the best of service during your stay in Langkawi. Car Rental Langkawi prides itself on exceptional customer service and has been a provider for chauffeur services for many years thanks in part to the commitment of its chauffeurs.

Whether it’s opening doors for a client or providing assistance with a customer’s luggage, a chauffeur is a professional who will go the extra mile to ensure his or her passenger is fully supported. Unlike drivers, who may be focused solely on profits, chauffeurs want clients to have memorable experiences, regardless of where they are traveling.

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