Save the date, for LIMA Langkawi 2019 is just around the corner! The 15th Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition is happening soon! Be a part of the most auspicious and grand maritime and aerospace event ever in the Asia Pacific.

LIMA Langkawi 2019 is one among the largest shows of its kind within the Asia Pacific region, conducted biennially in the island of Langkawi. The aerospace exhibition is held at the Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre, adjacent to the terminal at Langkawi International Airport whereas the maritime event will be held at Resorts World, Langkawi.

LIMA Langkawi 2019 will expect to boast its impressive list of exhibitors which is expected to reach the magical number of 600, more than the number of exhibitors on LIMA 2017. Its list of exhibitors, suppliers, manufacturers and service providers will be matched by the supportive presence of industry elites, which range from senior government officials, military and civil delegates, industry movers and shakers, and so much more.

From its debut in 1991, LIMA Langkawi 2019 in particular will be an ideal platform where industry stakeholders could engage and expand their networks towards forging new partnerships and business agreements. Its insightful round tables and conferences, as well as business forums, offer access to invaluable information that enable businesses to stay ahead in the competition and seize new opportunities in the dynamic market of Asia Pacific.

As an exhibitor at LIMA Langkawi 2019, you will be definitely very busy during the event which span 5 days. Chief of your concerns would be the mode of transport during LIMA Langkawi 2019, for example getting to and from your place of stay, or getting around for appointments, meetings or even just to go around Langkawi. The question would be what are your preferred travel arrangements, and how do you get about going around Langkawi island.


Getting Around During LIMA Langkawi 2019

There are several travel options in Langkawi during LIMA Langkawi 2019, but for visitors the usual mode of transport are taxis and rental cars. Taxis are available in abundance and they are the most popular and convenient transport in the island. However the flip side is, they are quite expensive compared to the other modes. A 15 minutes ride on a taxi can cost you a roundabout of RM20. But you get taxis almost everywhere – at the airport, ferry terminal, main tourist places, several taxi stands, and you can also stop a vacant taxi on the road and get in.


Another option which favors most travelers ar car rentals. If you plan to tour around the island, a car rental can be much more economical than a taxi. Driving in Langkawi is also easy and the roads are scarcely populated. There are plenty of car rentals available in the island. More so if you are coming for LIMA Langkawi 2019.


Granted, economically speaking, car rentals are the way to go. But as an exhibitor from another country, this could pose a problem or a minor setback. If you are from a country that practices right hand drive, this could pose a problem as the roads in Malaysia is left-hand drive. Plus, you might not have the time to know or learn the traffic conditions at Langkawi, let alone having to drive to and from the event at LIMA Langkawi 2019.

Is there a solution? Yes there is. We at Car Rental Langkawi would like to offer our chauffeur services as your transportation solution, exclusive for exhibitors for LIMA Langkawi 2019. Let us explain in detail how our chauffeur services work.


LIMA Langkawi 2019 – Chauffeur Services by Car Rental Langkawi

We at Langkawi Car Rental are proud to present to you our exclusive Chauffeur Services for LIMA Langkawi 2019 exclusive for exhibitors, as an alternative for you to get around the beautiful and majestic island of Langkawi, one of Malaysia’s most prominent tourist spots. If you are in a need of a chauffeur to take you around places, there is no need to worry as Langkawi Car Rental offers reliable and affordable chauffeur services. Our chauffeurs will not only take you to where you wish to go, but also they will take great care in ensuring that your experience during LIMA 2019 is a pleasurable one.


Why book a chauffeur or obtain a chauffeur rental service? Why don’t I use a e-hailing service and get myself a driver, you might ask? Chauffeurs are different from drivers, in that drivers are only concerned by getting you from point A to point B. However, a chauffeur is different than a driver. Chauffeurs want what’s best for clients and follow the necessary steps to make travel quick and simple. Chauffeurs illustrate exactly what it takes to deliver outstanding customer support. These professionals provide first-rate executive transportation services year-round and are happy to pick up passengers and take them wherever they need to go.

Let us look at some of the benefits of hiring a chauffeur service at Car Rental Langkawi, exclusively as exhibitors for LIMA Langkawi 2019.


Benefits of Chauffeur Services For LIMA Langkawi 2019 Exhibitors

As an exhibitor, if you engage our chauffeur services for LIMA Langkawi 2019, you will get many benefits and perks by having us to serve you. We provide the following benefits:


Professional Services

We have been providing chauffeur service for previous LIMA events and stand by our professionalism and experience in delivering our services for this auspicious event. Rest assured that our drivers have the best of training in order to provide you with the best chauffeur experience during LIMA 2019.


A Car In Good Condition

You will be rest assured that we take great care in maintaining our cars in pristine condition to ensure a comfortable and pleasant experience, especially during LIMA 2019 where first impressions are paramount. Safety and comfort is our top priority, and with handling customers from around the world, our priority is providing our customers with cars in its best condition.


Professional Driver

Rest assured that you will be serviced by our exclusively trained, experienced and courteous drivers. Our professionalism in servicing guests, in particular for LIMA 2019 whereby our guests come from all over the world, is of utmost importance. As LIMA 2019 is an international event, we proudly represent Malaysia by providing the best hospitality to LIMA delegates and exhibitors.


Free Petrol

No need to worry about filling up during your journey. Your driver will take care of it for you. Just rest and relax while our chauffeurs drive you to your destination. Our chauffeur services has already taken into account free petrol as well as other expenses such as parking as well. So just sit back and enjoy your ride as our chauffeurs bring you from destination to destination.


Free Mineral Water

Be rewarded with free mineral water for you and your companions, with our sincere compliments. Exclusive for exhibitors for LIMA Langkawi 2019. This is a small gesture from us in ensuring that we treat our guests around the world with the utmost respect. We hope that your stay in Langkawi, in particular for the LIMA Langkawi 2019, is a memorable one.




Our chauffeur services for LIMA Langkawi 2019 remain the best and cost-effective solution for you to be on your destination on time. No more hailing taxis or using e-hailing apps whereby there is no certainty of getting to where you want, costing you time and money. With our professional chauffeurs at your service, you can be guaranteed of our excellent and efficient services.


History of LIMA Langkawi

LIMA began in 1991 with slightly over 100 exhibiting companies with the aim of making Langkawi the venue for light and experimental aircraft to fly unhampered by heavy traffic, modeled after the EAA Air Venture in the United States. LIMA has now expanded into maritime exhibitions and is also one of Asia-Pacific’s largest maritime and air exhibitions. Nowadays, a four-hour flying display is held daily throughout the show.


Ever since its debut, LIMA has continually been generating tremendous revenues and business deals, such as in 2003 where the then LIMA 2003 exhibition generated businesses totalling MYR 2.182 billion (USD 575 million) through 30 contracts, letters of offer and acceptances or intent, and memorandums of understanding.

The latest iteration of LIMA, LIMA 2017 saw over 180,000 visitors, compared to about 175,000 visitors during LIMA 2015, it is expected that there will be a 10% larger crowd during LIMA 2019. LIMA 2017 recorded 555 exhibitors from 36 countries, compared to 512 from 36 countries in LIMA 2015. The value of contracts and agreements signed this time also rose to about RM3.7bil, an increase of 81% from the RM2bil, while 12 memorandums of understanding, 11 contracts, seven letters of agreement and five letters of intent signed were signed.


Save The Hassle of Driving! Book Your Chauffeur Service Now For LIMA Langkawi 2019!

From only RM450 / day, you can be rest assured that our chauffeurs provide you the best of service during your stay in Langkawi. Car Rental Langkawi prides itself on exceptional customer service and has been a provider for chauffeur services for many years thanks in part to the commitment of its chauffeurs.


Whether it’s opening doors for a client or providing assistance with a customer’s luggage, a chauffeur is a professional who will go the extra mile to ensure his or her passenger is fully supported. Unlike drivers, who may be focused solely on profits, chauffeurs want clients to have memorable experiences, regardless of where they are traveling.


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