It’s the time of the year again. The beautiful island of Langkawi, one of the major tourist spots in Malaysia, is again hosting the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition, or more fondly known as LIMA.

The auspicious and grand event, held every two years, the LIMA Langkawi 2019 event will see a total number of over 600 exhibitors from all over the world showcasing their products and services in the Maritime and aerospace industry.

This event, held every two years, will see exhibitors showcasing their latest in maritime and aerospace technology, not only for military but also for commercial use. For LIMA Langkawi 2019, the event will be held on the 26th – 30th March 2019, with its tagline and motto: “Defence and Commercial Connecting Intelligence”.

History of LIMA Langkawi

LIMA began in 1991, at the time with the participation of slightly over 100 exhibiting companies with the aim of making Langkawi the venue for light and experimental aircraft to fly unhampered by heavy traffic, modeled after the EAA Air Venture in the United States. Since then, LIMA has now expanded into maritime exhibitions and is also one of Asia-Pacific’s largest maritime and air exhibitions.

The event is one of the largest maritime and aerospace exhibitions in the Asia-Pacific, and is focused mainly on the defence industry, but also supports civilian industries. In 2013, LIMA recorded an overall growth of 10%, with 433 exhibitors from 31 countries, 333 defence delegations from 38 countries, 632 media personnel from 127 agencies, 68 ships and 78 aircraft attending the show.

The 5 day event also saw 38,421 trade visitors from both defense and commercial sectors from all around the world, as well as 135,691 public visitors.

What Would You Expect At LIMA Langkawi 2019

LIMA Langkawi 2019, officially called The 15th Edition of The Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition 2019, is to be held on the 26th – 30th March 2019, with its main venue being The Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre (MIEC) Langkawi as well as The Resorts World, Langkawi.

The exhibition will showcase exhibits from countries such as Australia, Belarus, China, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The event spans 5 days, with the first 3 days (26th to 28th March 2019) open to trade visitors only, whereas the last 2 days (29th and 30th March 2019), the event is open to the public.

Moving Around In Langkawi During LIMA Langkawi 2019

As an exhibitor for LIMA Langkawi 2019, you will be most certainly have to move around quite a lot. Your basic requirements for travel should include airport transfer, trips to and from your hotel, as well as the occasional breaks for lunch. You will be in a very hectic schedule and therefore it is very prudent that you have a means of transport that is readily available.

We’ll explore several options on the availability of travel arrangements.

Langkawi has several modes of transport for its visitors. Among the most favourable means of transport would be the use of rental cars. Rental cars are in abundance in Langkawi particularly during big events such as LIMA Langkawi 2019, and the going rate for rental cars are quite cheap.

However, some of the rental cars are operated by individuals who rent their own cars, together with the multitude of companies offering rental services for cars. These individuals are mainly residents or locals living in Langkawi looking for a quick buck in renting their cars, and can offer a rental price which is very cheap.

If you choose to rent a car by this method, you will need to be extra careful. First and foremost, for a proper car rental service, the car is in good condition and by requirement by government law, it must be insured. However, rental cars by individuals may not be in its best condition, and there may be mechanical problems with the cars which you need to contend with.

There is a situation whereby a tourist had a car with a broken fuel gauge, so he has no idea if the car is full of petrol or not. These are some of the risks that a person has to face while getting a rental car by this method.

In addition, especially for first time visitors to Langkawi, there is the added hassle of finding your way around, particularly if you are not familiar with Langkawi roads. This is another snag as you need to move around quite frequently in Langkawi during LIMA Langkawi 2019 particularly if you are an exhibitor and you cannot be bothered with finding your way.

Fortunately there is another solution, exclusively for LIMA Langkawi 2019 exhibitors, Car Rental Langkawi is proud to offer its services that would alleviate the hassles of travel around the island of Langkawi.

Chauffeur Service By Car Rental Langkawi

The Travel Solution for LIMA Langkawi Exhibitors

Car Rental Langkawi is proud to present to you a service that would benefit exhibitors for the LIMA Langkawi 2019 event. Instead of just renting a car, you can opt for getting a chauffeur service exclusively for exhibitors for LIMA Langkawi 2019 event. Getting a chauffeur service (whereby the price of the service includes the rental car itself) would save you the hassle of finding your way around Langkawi.

You will be provided with a professionally trained chauffeur at your service taking you anywhere you wish to go around Langkawi.

It might seem that getting a chauffeur service during Langkawi might be a bit too much, but in actuality chauffeur services may be more beneficial for you as an exhibitor for LIMA Langkawi 2019. First of all, you need not worry anymore about going to places whenever you want, just call up your designated chauffeur and he will be there for you.

In addition, you need not worry anymore about parking charges, or where to park your car, or when do you need to stop for petrol and pay for it as well – the chauffeur will do all of it for you. Free petrol, free parking and all… literally no hassle for you at all.

These are some of the perks that you will get with our chauffeur services. However, the most invaluable perk of all is that you will be served by a professional by ensuring that you will get the best service during your stay in Langkawi. Your chauffeur is not just a driver – he does much more than that.

Your chauffeur will ensure that you are comfortable while you travel during your stay. He can act as your tour guide and will show you where the best spots are – whether you want to shop, dine or just go sightseeing.

These are some of the benefits that you will get if you decide to partake the chauffeur services provided by Car Rental Langkawi exclusively for exhibitors to LIMA Langkawi 2019. As an added gesture by Car Rental Langkawi, each and every passenger will be given free mineral water for your convenience.

Our Fleet Of Vehicles For Our Chauffeur Service

There are several type of vehicles depending on your needs. Depending whether you need cr just for yourself, or you have a small group with you during your stay. Browse through our fleet of vehicles for our chauffeur service exclusive to exhibitors of LIMA Langkawi 2019. We have several options for you that suit your budget.

Perodua Alza 1.5 Auto (MPV)

7 Passengers

8 Hours: RM450

12 Hours: RM585


Toyota Vios 1.5 Auto (Sedan)

 4 Passengers

8 Hours: RM450

12 Hours: RM585


Toyota Innova 2.0 Auto (MPV)

7 Passengers

8 Hours: RM550

12 Hours: RM715


Hyundai Starex Royale 2.5 (MPV)

7 Passengers

8 Hours: RM750

12 Hours: RM975


Toyota Alphard 2.4 Auto (MPV)

7 Passengers

8 Hours: RM950

12 Hours: RM1,235


Toyota Vellfire 2.4 Auto (MPV)

7 Passengers

8 Hours: RM1,050

12 Hours: RM1,365


Toyota Hiace 2.5 Manual (VAN)

10 Passengers

8 Hours: RM600

12 Hours: RM780


Nissan Urvan 3.0 Manual (VAN)

5 Passengers

8 Hours: RM900

12 Hours: RM1,170


Mercedes-Benz S400h (Sedan)

4 Passengers

8 Hours: RM4,100

12 Hours: RM4,900

Save The Hassle of Driving! Book Your Chauffeur Service Now For LIMA Langkawi 2019!

From only RM450 / day, you can be rest assured that our chauffeurs provide you the best of service during your stay in Langkawi. Car Rental Langkawi prides itself on exceptional customer service and has been a provider for chauffeur services for many years thanks in part to the commitment of its chauffeurs.

Whether it’s opening doors for a client or providing assistance with a customer’s luggage, a chauffeur is a professional who will go the extra mile to ensure his or her passenger is fully supported. Unlike drivers, who may be focused solely on profits, chauffeurs want clients to have memorable experiences, regardless of where they are traveling.

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