The Langkawi International Maritime And Aerospace Exhibition is back again! This inaugural event, held every two years since 1991, LIMA Langkawi 2019 will carry on its legacy as one of the most influential maritime and aerospace event in the world.

This event, Asia Pacific’s premier maritime and aerospace showcase, LIMA Langkawi 2019 will bring forward top decision makers consisting of government officials, military and civil industry leaders, together with prominent manufacturers, service providers and suppliers all over the world, in creating the ideal platform where deals are made.

As an event not to be missed, Malaysians are proud to host this auspicious event. Trade partners, exhibitors, industry leaders and government officials converge together to share ideas, insights and even forge partnerships. As industry leaders, service providers as well as manufacturers, this will be a perfect event to capitalize and seize the opportunity to demonstrate their products and services to the world.

As LIMA Langkawi 2019 is quite an auspicious and grand event, some say the most anticipated event in the Asia Pacific, there is so much to be done. Managing an event expecting some 600 exhibitors from an expected participation of over 60 countries would sure need an extra pair of hands. This would be a great opportunity to be a volunteer for LIMA Langkawi 2019!

Volunteers For LIMA Langkawi 2019

You might be surprised to hear this, but do you know that LIMA Langkawi 2019 volunteers are the biggest contribution to a successful LIMA Langkawi 2019! This amazing experience is open for all Malaysian and international students.

Becoming a volunteer for LIMA Langkawi 2019 may be your best experience yet as volunteers have the opportunity to mingle with industry leaders, manufacturers, service providers and exhibitors from around the world. And not just any industry leaders, manufacturers, service providers and exhibitors… this is where you will have the chance to meet prominent manufacturers in the maritime and aerospace industry.

If you like the sound of roaring jets, or have a thing for anything military, planes or ships, this is the perfect place for you. LIMA Langkawi 2019 has aerial displays galore as well as the chance to view a dazzling flotilla of ships, the likes of battle cruisers, destroyers, even submarines! Not to mention viewing the latest in aviation and maritime technologies all under one roof.

This is certainly an event not to be missed, more so if you decide to be a part of LIMA Langkawi 2019 as a volunteer.

So What Can You Do As A Volunteer At LIMA Langkawi 2019?

There are so many things to do as a volunteer for LIMA Langkawi 2019. Be what you want to be by specifying your areas of interest during the LIMA Langkawi event. Various options and choices are available when you register as a volunteer.

Whatever that chooses your fancy, make sure that you make the right choice so that as an employee for LIMA Langkawi 2019 you are able to give your full and complete contribution to this prestigious and auspicious event.

How Does A Volunteer Go Around In Langkawi?

Becoming a volunteer means you need to travel often. Most often that not volunteers move in groups as they tend to know each other prior to taking up volunteering work for LIMA Langkawi 2019. The next obvious question is looking for a suitable mode of transport.

For the budget conscious, the usual mode of transport would be engaging a rental car, which is probably a cheap option for the budget conscious. However, there are certain drawbacks. If you happen to have a large group, say if you are in a volunteer group of about 10 people, you might have to rent more than one car.

Though it might seem cost effective, you may be burdened with petrol or parking charges. On top of it there is the hassle of finding your way around Langkawi too. Sure, you may rely on good old GPS, but where do you find the best stuff in Langkawi, for example the best laksa?

What you and your friends need is a cost effective means of transport with can accommodate a lot of people and at the same time knowing exactly where to go. We at Car Rental Langkawi have a solution for you.

Introducing Car Rental Langkawi Chauffeur Services

Exclusive for LIMA Langkawi 2019 Volunteers

Instead of just hiring a rental car(or perhaps several), why not try another option? Car Rental Langkawi is proud to introduce our chauffeur services! From only RM450 per month, you and your volunteer mates can enjoy the luxury of a professional driver who will do more than just drive you to where you want to go.

The price of the chauffeur services is inclusive of the rental car itself. You and your mates will be treated by our friendly, courteous, and above all professional chauffeur. Your chauffeur will be your guide, your assistant, confidante and your advisor, with particular emphasis on where you wish to go.

Shopping? Food? Sightseeing? Happenings? What’s in store during LIMA Langkawi 2019? Just tell your chauffeur where you want to go and he will oblige to your request, no questions asked. For large groups, you have several options as the choice of vehicle.

If you favor something more luxurious and you are in a group of around 6 people, then our fleet of vehicles that could meet your fancy include the Toyota Alphard or Toyota Vellfire, with guaranteed comfort and a touch of luxury in your travels. For a significantly larger group, we have several options such as the Nissan Urvan or the Toyota Hiace that seats between 10 to 15 persons.

Benefits Of Engaging Chauffeur Services

Hiring a chauffeur service as compared to a standard car rental might be more expensive, but it does come with additional benefits. This is more so during auspicious events such as LIMA Langkawi 2019. Here is but a few of the benefits of engaging a chauffeur service, including the following:

Look Professional – Chauffeur driven cars are usually the best cars on the market. Whether you hire a Mercedes or a Rolls Royce you are sure to give the right impression. For LIMA Langkawi 2019, this is even more important a

Save Time – If you value your working time you will not want to waste it. With a chauffeur you do not need to worry about parking. Simply get dropped off at the door and let the driver know when you need picking up. From the back of the car you can still work and make phone calls on the move.

Look After Business Partners –  If you have somebody important working with you it could be a good idea to give them the benefits of a chauffeur driven car. Clients will appreciate the extra service making it easier for you to build a solid working relationship.

No Hassle – Renting a car and driving it yourself can be stressful. When you hire a chauffeur you just let the company know what you need and they will sort out all the details. There is no need to worry about insurance, licensing, routes or traffic as that will all be handled by the company.

Local Knowledge and Support – The driver themselves offer a valuable service in that they know the area and can offer advice on your local needs. Whether your need restaurant recommendations for a meeting or them little pieces of information that only locals know. They can help you with your belongings and offer you support throughout your working day.

In addition, a chauffeur is a highly trained and licensed professional who provides high-end service day and night. A chauffeur wears a professional uniform, drives luxury vehicles, and works according to a schedule or on an on-call basis.

A chauffeur completes extensive training, has years of experience driving luxury cars, provides assistance with loading and unloading luggage, and has an incredible knowledge of the city for answering passenger questions and making recommendations for local points of interest.

This is of particular importance especially during LIMA Langkawi 2019 where your chauffeur can act as ambassador and tour guide just for you.

Save The Hassle of Driving! Book Your Chauffeur Service Now For LIMA Langkawi 2019!

From only RM450 / day, you can be rest assured that our chauffeurs provide you the best of service during your stay in Langkawi. Car Rental Langkawi prides itself on exceptional customer service and has been a provider for chauffeur services for many years thanks in part to the commitment of its chauffeurs.

Whether it’s opening doors for a client or providing assistance with a customer’s luggage, a chauffeur is a professional who will go the extra mile to ensure his or her passenger is fully supported. Unlike drivers, who may be focused solely on profits, chauffeurs want clients to have memorable experiences, regardless of where they are traveling.

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